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Establish your company in the heart of Europe. 

We will establish a German limited company for you. The law requires a cash and liability stock of EUR 25.000,00 for the German limited, the GmbH. At time of establishing the company 50 % of this fund is necessary, EUR 12.500,00.

Our office will take this minimum fund to establish your company and then turn this fund into paying for our office fees and the fees of the notary public and the registration office.

We do all the paperwork for registering the company and the taxation work for the initial two years.

Come in with a Schengen Visa and do business without extra working permit, if you have a registered company in Germany.

Our services include:
1. drafting of the company status and registering at notary public
2. registering your company at the public company registry
3. registering at the local taxation office for taxation number
4. establishing an office adress for your company for initial year
5. handling incoming letters from public offices
6. handling quarterly VAT reports to the taxation office
7. drafting your first balance and yearly taxation report
8. registering a company bank account
9. registering a website domain name with your company name
10. setting up a website in german, english and mandarin
Including VIP business package: 
1. we pick you up at the airport on your first arrival
2. first night in a Hotel, min. 3 Star including breakfast, conveniently located
2. three hours host service (english or chinese speaking) to show you city center, international banks, shopping facilities
2. your desk in a shared office space with wifi, printer and lounge area, 8 hours a day for the first week
My Business   
EUR 5.000,00 (including all domestic fees for registration) 
7.500,00 (including VIP Service package) 
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My Business
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