Be an European

You are making good money at home and also want to do business or go travel in Germany, France or Italy ?

1. Establish your own business in Germany, the economic giant in Europe

2. Get ready for a 5 year Schengen Visa or a permanent residence permit 

3. Get your home in the heart of Europe


Fly into Europe whenever you want to.
Have your business in a German city, come in and out, respect the rules and deadlines of the Visa. Then you can be granted a 5 year Schengen Visa. No more waiting and applying for a Visa, no more questions, no more documents. All you need is a record of reliability.


You want to do business in the European Union, want to buy or sell merchandise, establish an office, have a bank account?
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You want to have a conveniant location to stay and relax from jetlag, meet business partners, go  shopping for german or european brands or do one day trips to big cities in Europe?
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